Guidelines of Virtual Conference for PSI-25 Participants.
Pre-recorded “Review, Invited, and Oral” video presentations will be played at our virtual conference with the Zoom webinar. And Pre-recorded video for poster presentations will also be shown on the PSI-25 webpage. Please note that these pre-recorded video presentations are available during the virtual conference from 13-17 June, 2022 only for those who have registered for the conference and paid in full. Please login to the PSI-25 webpage first, and visit the Scientific Program menu, then you can see the final presentations (VOD files and others, etc). Any participants who have an interest are free to leave their questions and comments on the webpage where your materials are uploaded.

PowerPoint slides are recommended for the poster presentation. It is mandatory to submit the poster VOD and the introduction slide as a PPT (16:9) with all information; title of the presentation, author’s name and affiliation, etc. The collected introduction slides will be released 30 min prior to the main conference start and during the break, categorized by topics (e.g. topics A and B on Monday, topics C and D on Tuesday…).

1) You should prepare your presentation, having you presenting in front of a camera OR your voice over the PowerPoint OR a combination of any other creative methods of presentation. You may use multiple screens, one for the PowerPoint presentation and a smaller one including you as the presenter.

2) The duration of the presentation should be each presentation length.
Category Total Length Presentation(Length of PRV) Q&A 
Review 35 min 30 min 5 min
Invited 25 min 20 min 5 min
Oral 15 min 12 min 3 min
Poster 5 min 5 min None

3) The resolution of the video should be high definition (720p or 1080p).

4) All information such as the title of your paper, authors’ name, affiliation as well as your photo must appear on the first slide of your presentation.
* It’s OK to submit the first slide as introduction material for the poster presentation.

5) All presentations must be in English.

6) Audio commentary and all information on the slides must be clearly presented.

7) No background music is allowed.

8) Presentation file MUST be sent via:
Downloadable video link to with the Subject: [PSI-25] Author’s Name_ Presentation Code by 6th June, 2022.

9) See relevant links below for more information regarding Powerpoint and Zoom.
Follow these instructions to add audio and video to your slides.
Follow these instructions to generate a MPEG-4 (.mp4) file from your slides and audio/video.

Follow these instructions for local Recording.

Please contact the PSI-25 secretariat at

Download the guideline